Compassionate Sanford Lawyer Defends Clients From Criminal Charges

Dedicated North Carolina law firm protects the rights of defendants

At the Law Office of John M. Holmes, Jr. in Sanford, I help ordinary people in North Carolina with problems that require a tough lawyer with compassion and understanding. I never lose sight of the fact that being charged with legal violations can cause stresses and complications for hardworking individuals and their families. No matter what type or degree of crime you are accused of, I have the background and skill to provide an aggressive, well-structured defense. You can depend on me for personal, unswerving attention and tireless devotion to obtaining a positive outcome.

Committed to fighting for drivers charged with offenses

For most North Carolina residents, driving privileges are essential not only to earning a living but to carrying on life’s daily duties and activities. Being cited for a traffic offense — especially a moving violation like speeding or reckless driving — can result in fines, increased insurance premiums and sometimes restriction or loss of your driver’s license. I take a vigorous stance against all driving-related charges and work to achieve fair and manageable resolutions.

Aggressive response to charges of driving while impaired (DWI)

North Carolina prohibits operating a vehicle in any public place while under the influence of impairing substances like alcohol or drugs. What’s more, you can be charged with DWI if you are in actual physical control of a vehicle even if it is not moving. A conviction can result in jail time, fines and revocation of your driver’s license for a year or longer. I will challenge the evidence against you and how it was obtained. I will also work to reduce charges and to seek leniency in sentencing.

Resolute lawyer defends clients accused of serious crimes

Conviction of a violent crime — or one involving theft, drugs or sexual abuse — carries with it heavy fines, jail time and a permanent blot on your record and reputation that can exclude you from employment, housing, financing, education and social affairs. Even after serving a prison term, you may be subject to electronic monitoring or permanent listing on the state registry of sex offenders. I represent my clients with the understanding that there are multiple sides to each story. I will thoroughly evaluate your case to develop effective strategies, with an eye toward suppression of evidence, dismissal or reduction of charges or acquittal. Whenever possible, I will seek your admission to drug treatment programs and other alternatives to prosecution. Above all, my goal is to help you preserve your freedom and protect your future.

Contact a tenacious North Carolina criminal defense lawyer

At the Law Office of John M. Holmes, Jr. in Sanford, I handle every case personally and offer my clients unfettered direct access day or night. I give each client my cellphone number so that I can provide updates and answer questions, by text or by voice. Call me at 919-897-2423 or contact me online or to request a free initial consultation.