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At the Law Office of John M. Holmes, Jr. in Sanford, I provide legal guidance in divorce and related matters, including in alimony determinations. Whether you are requesting alimony (also called spousal support) or expecting to pay it, I will pursue a fair outcome. As an experienced family lawyer in North Carolina, my in-depth knowledge of the law allows me to provide sound advice and effective representation.  

Knowledgeable legal advisor explains how alimony works

Either spouse in a divorce can request and receive alimony depending upon all the circumstances involved. The person who gets it is referred to as the dependent spouse while the party paying it is the supporting spouse. Alimony may be awarded on either a temporary or permanent basis. Temporary alimony is intended to help dependent spouses get by until they can find an appropriate job or develop the skills needed to become self-supporting. Permanent alimony may be ordered if the dependent spouse cannot work because of disability, age or other relevant reasons. There are many complexities in determining alimony in North Carolina. I can advise you about how alimony may work based on your unique situation and stand up for your interests in court.

Resolute counselor seeks beneficial outcomes in support decisions

Judges consider a variety of factors when deciding whether alimony will be paid and how much. These include: 

  • Both parties’ income and assets
  • Both parties’ future earning capacity
  • The length of the marriage
  • The ages and mental and physical health of each spouse
  • Whether one spouse paid for the other’s education or job training
  • The standard of living during the marriage

While North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, meaning you don’t have to prove your spouse did something wrong to file for divorce, adultery does have an impact alimony decisions. In fact, the law says that alimony will not be awarded if the court finds the dependent spouse committed adultery. Conversely, if it is discovered that the supporting spouse had an affair, alimony will be ordered without regard to other factors. Mental abuse and other misconduct may also factor in to alimony awards. When you trust my family law firm with your case, I will work diligently toward influencing a fair award.

Skillful law firm aids dependent and supporting spouses in modification requests

Temporary alimony typically ends on the date the judge puts in the alimony order. Both temporary and permanent alimony end if the person receiving it remarries, moves in with a new romantic partner, or if they or the paying spouse dies. You can also request a modification to increase, decrease or end payments altogether if you can prove to the court that there has been a substantial change in financial circumstances for you or your ex-spouse. If you need a modification, I can advise you about the evidence you will need to present to the court, file the request paperwork and represent you throughout the process.

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