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Speeding penalties in North Carolina can range from a simple fine to license suspension, depending on the circumstances. At the Law Office of John M. Holmes, Jr., I put my more than 15 years of experience to work doggedly defending drivers accused of traffic violations. I aggressively stand up for clients in the Sanford area who have been cited for traveling too fast on the state’s roads and highways. When you’ve been accused of speeding, you can rely on me to fight on your behalf in order to obtain the most beneficial resolution possible.

Diligent defense attorney advocates for drivers charged with going too fast

North Carolina has two types of speeding laws. One involves absolute speed limits, meaning drivers can be ticketed for going over posted speeds. The other is a basic speed limit law that forbids drivers from driving at speeds that are unsafe considering the particular road, weather, traffic or other conditions. So even if the posted speed limit is 55, you could be ticketed if conditions make traveling at that speed unsafe.. If you’ve received a speeding citation, I’ll aggressively advocate for your interests in traffic court to help you avoid an unfair punishment.

Determined legal counselor seeks to have speeding citations lessened or dismissed

If you’re convicted of speeding, depending on prior violations and other factors, you may face a hefty fine, several points on your license and possible license suspension. Your insurance rates might also go up. You could even be slammed with a more serious reckless driving charge depending on how fast you’re accused of going, whether there was an accident involved or other potentially aggravating circumstances. I will examine the relevant details and work tirelessly toward having the prosecutor’s charges reduced or dismissed.

Assertive litigator develops powerful defenses to fight traffic citations

Possible defenses to speeding charges include the following:

  • Inaccurate reporting — A driver can sometimes prove that they were not speeding by submitting their vehicle’s GPS records showing that the actual speed was not what the officer claimed.
  • Radar gun problems — Sometimes police radar guns are not properly calibrated, which could lead to faulty results or readings that actually are for a different vehicle.
  • Special circumstances — Occasionally, road conditions or other unforeseen circumstance require a vehicle operator to speed up temporarily in order to protect themselves or someone else.

I’ll carefully review each aspect of your case to identify the best way to counter the allegation that you were driving too fast.

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